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If you are looking for that special home, condo or land that you don’t see listed anywhere, then maybe we can help you find it. We have clients that sometimes want a quick private sale at a low price or want to rent out their home or condo. Just fill out the form below with the details of what you are looking for, the area you are interested in and the price range you would like. When any properties come up that are the type you are looking for and the price range that you want then we will notify you. You can get the listings on new properties before they hit the market so you can get the best deals. We have many new properties that come available that you can have first option on before they go public. Find the best deals instantly. All quick, simple and free online. We will only send you information when we get a property type that you have listed that you are interested in. If you are an investor and looking for several properties we can set you up with a free client login where you can add and edit information, see photos, files, and detailed information privately.